Firing methods

Firing methods metal clay

Before burning the piece from metal clay, make sure it is perfectly dry. Also, the part must be well finished and the joints between the components must be solid and free of cracks.

Pure silver (Art Clay Silver) can be burned using the burner, the stove eye or the ceramic kiln. There are certain metals such as copper or bronze that can be burned with the burner, not just in ceramic kiln. But the pieces made of this type of metal should be very small (with a side of 2-3cm), and, in addition to this requirement, some experience is needed in working with the flame /the torch.

Firing with a torch

Pieces of clay with pure silver, to be burned with the torch, should not exceed 10 g in weight and 4 cm in diameter.

Firing with the torch should take between 6 and 10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the part. The thicker a piece is, the longer it has to be fired. The firing time must be timed after the piece has acquired the bright orange color, during firing. Be careful to keep the optimum distance of the burner from the piece (8-10 cm). If you bring the flame too close to the work piece, you risk melting it. 

Firing on the gas stove

Pieces weighing up to 20 g and requiring a low firing temperature, as it is Art Clay Silver 999, can be fired on the stove. Place the stainless steel on the eye of the stove. Light the fire and notice which part is the hottest (reddish). Turn off the heat and place the piece where you saw the redness. Use tweezers, do not place the piece by hand. Cover the piece with the other piece of steel mesh (box), restart the fire and burn minimum 15-20 minutes, depending on the size of the piece. Allow the piece to cool for 20 minutes, then rinse the piece in a stainless steel or glass bowl with cold water.

Firing in the jewelry / ceramic kiln

The ceramic firing furnace offers the advantage that all types of can be fired in it metal clay. The maximum temperature it can reach during combustion is 1100 °C.

Careful! If a piece of metal in the form of clay is burned without taking into account the indicated temperature, for example it is burned below the indicated firing temperature or the recommended firing time is not observed, then that part will not sinter perfectly and it is possible to break or be brittle.

To prolong the life of the oven, it is not recommended that the firing take place directly on the base of the kiln, but use ceramic posts over which it sits a kiln shelf created especially for the kiln. The piece will be placed on this shelf. To safely remove the pieces from the kiln, you will need a shovel and protective gloves (for temperatures of 300 ° C). With the shovel you will remove the piece, together with the kiln shelf.