Safety measures

While working with metal clay you must protect yourself and avoid possible accidents.
Pure silver and gold are non-toxic and can be processed without taking special protective measures. But if you work with non-precious metals, such as copper or bronze, you must wash your hands after you finish shaping or finishing. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to wear gloves while working with precious metal clay. You should also avoid eating or drinking near the work surface, so that metal particles do not enter your food or drink. While finishing the parts from metal clay, with abrasive sponges or a file, it is good to wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling the metal particles that rise into the air.

Firing the pieces

Be very careful when you burn the pieces in the oven! When removing the hot piece from the oven, use a shovel. Use the shovel when you put the piece in the hot oven. To avoid burns, protect yourself with thick gloves, such as kitchen gloves, when removing the parts with a shovel. If you burned a piece with the burner and want to take it off the work surface, use a long tweezer or oven tweezers.

Do not touch the burnt parts! Let them cool for 20 minutes. You can place a welding plate next to the oven, and on it you will place the pieces just taken out of the oven.

Where can place the kiln?

If you use the jewelry oven, be sure to place it on a stable and fireproof surface. There should be a free space around the oven with a radius of 30 cm. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations on how to burn the clay you work with. Wear goggles when looking in the hot oven. The space where the oven is located must be well ventilated, because the binder contained in the metal clay, which burns at about 427 ° C, will emit little smoke.

Do not touch or approach the front (door) and the top of the oven if the oven temperature is higher than 200 ° C. There is a risk of catching fire or burning you!

Polishing and skating the parts

When you use power tools, wear goggles so that scraps of metal do not catch your eye. If you use a grinder it is good to wear a protective mask. The work area where you use the grinder or other tools that trigger dust must be well ventilated. You can also use a dust collector.

After skating a piece, throw the solution in the sink and let the water run for a few minutes. Because the antique solution emits a sulphurous odor, you need to ventilate the room where you work. Remember that the solution based of Sulfur is not dangerous for the skin.

Clothing and accessories

When firing with the torch, it is good to wear clothes made of natural materials, such as wool, cotton or silk. Synthetic materials ignite more easily and melt on the surface of the skin, if they ignite. Long hair should be tightened, and clothing with long and wide sleeves or scarves and chains should be avoided. Closed shoes will protect you in case a hot piece falls on your foot. Wear goggles while firing with the torch.

And when using power tools you must wear appropriate clothing, without long sleeves. If you have long hair, hold it back.

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