ARTKIMIA - Art & Jewelry Studio is the official distributor for the brand's products Art Clay Silver, in Romania. Artkimia is the first jewelry school in Romania that introduced the innovative material metal clay, the concept and jewelry certification courses using this revolutionary material.

Along with this concept Artkimia also introduced courses on: keum boo (gilding, using the Korean keum boo technique), enameling with vitreous powders (cloisonne, basse-taille, champlevé, plique-à-jour), the mix of metals, through the Japanese technique new mokume gane, glass fusion and its integration into the jewel, the use of alternative materials, such as its plastic UV resin, in jewelry and others. The courses were developed and are taught by Corina Gheorghe, the founder and main instructor of the school.

Meanwhile, artists who share the same passion have joined her, either as instructors specialized in different techniques or as members of the Romanian artist community.


ARTKIMIA - Art & Jewelry Studio is the perfect destination to feed your creativity.

We are connected with the world of art worldwide and you will notice this in our store and at our courses, where you will find ancient techniques and latest materials. We offer courses, practice workshops, guidance and support for your development as an artist. The courses are designed in such a way that you can learn and evolve at your own pace. We teach various techniques, from the most diverse fields, and guide you to build your own artistic side.

We strive to provide you with as much knowledge as possible and to cover a rich range of techniques as you need to easily translate your ideas into real projects. You can take our jewelry courses metal clay, traditional jewelry, enameling, glass fusion, gemology, sculpture, engraving, mixed media and others

The Benefits of Our Students

We love art but more than art, we love the people who create it!

Each student is considered part of the family ARTKIMIA, where we promote the idea of ​​mutual support, as a community, through communication, courses, demonstrative workshops and events.

We value and understand the beginnings of the road. As a participant in our courses, right from the first course you have a lot of development opportunities: discounts on materials, a space where you can fire the pieces created, renting a table - your "corner" of creation, private courses, demo workshops, assisted practice, promotion on our website, through a dedicated page, in the Community of Artists section, guidance for participating in international events and competitions and much more. See more many here.

"Creativity adds color to our world. It is deeply personal because it is a need, a desire. Creativity talks about existence, self-sacrifice and being honest with yourself. Creativity is what makes people's brain, it transforms the world through imagination, the world that is not yet, our world. ”


In our online store you can find a wide range of tools, accessories, materials, machines and ovens, of the best quality and carefully selected by our team. We include new products daily, so you can create the pieces you've long dreamed of or move on, building your own business. The products made available by us will help you cover techniques from different fields of art: metal clay, mixed- media, sculpture, traditional jewelry, ceramics, glass fusion, enamel and others.

The products and materials imported by us come mostly from Japan and the USA, from established brands, such as: Art Clay Silver,  Metal Clay Adventure, CoolTools, Dremel, Foredom, Grobet, Kanayasu; but also from Europe: Prometheus, Goldie Clay, Soyer, Vallorbe



ARTKIMIA STUDIO it is the place where you can learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to build the artistic projects you propose. A bright and spacious studio, located in the center of the Capital, offers you the ideal setting to find inspiration and motivation.

Here you will have the opportunity to meet dedicated and passionate people. Our instructors are artists recognized both nationally and internationally for the professionalism and innovative techniques they teach.

In addition to courses and practice workshops, you can come to fire the pieces created or to improve your skills through assisted practice or to rent a table where you can create your jewelry. Also, if you like our Studio and would like to teach in it, this is possible (more, click here).


We are a team of people who share the same curiosity and passion for art, crafts and jewelry. You will meet us by coming to STUDIO and participating in our courses or from the articles and educational materials we prepare.

Adrian Plesca

Adrian Plesca

Engraver Instructor
Flavia Volpini

Flavia Volpini

Jewelry Instructor

Corina Gheorghe

Principal Instructor, Founder

Cristina Stoica

content writer

Mary Dumbrava

Instructor, Gemologist
Nicoleta Stupca

Nicoleta Stupca

Instructor, Filigranist Jeweler

Monica Ciobanu

Instructor, Associate

Daniel Voicu

Instructor Metal Clay